Podcast Guesting Episodes

Episode 12
What happens if you are passionate by nature?
Episode 13
What does hope have to do with muscle imbalances and posture issues?
Episode 14
What Jim Carrey did to get 5 million dollars?
Episode 15
Why is it hard to be content in business?

Ongoing Mastery

How Does Your Posture Affect Your Confidence?

The Inviting Shift

Posture and confidence with Christina Smith

Friday Night Feels

Posture and Mental Health with Patrick Monette

Fried the Burnout Podcast

How Your Posture Affects Your Stress System and Your Burnout Recoverability with Cait Donovan

The Succes Snap

A Positive Posture with Karyn Beach

Fit News Podcast

Perfect Posture with Jen Shaver

Style with Ana

Posture As Styling Accessory – The Savvy Phisiologist with Aesha Tahir

The Empowerment Couple

Posture Medicine: How to “Unhunch” with Mike and Zuri

The Decode Your Burnout Podcast

When Sitting and Stress Lead to Sciatica for Desk-Bound Workers