Home Gym Equipment Swaps

Home gym equipment is good to have at home. It’s an excellent investment to get the most out of your exercise routine. But let’s be honest, during pandemic, the exercise equipment wasn’t easy to get a hold of, or when you are traveling, and you want to tune into fav virtual fitness classes, you need to improvise. There are many valuable alternatives to gym equipment already at home or are readily available when traveling.


A chair is an excellent alternative to a bench. It’s great for strength training exercises like step-ups, triceps dips, or bench jump overs. Making sure that the chair is sturdy is important to avoid injuries.


Stairs are the perfect tool for at-home cardio, no equipment needed. You can use them for strength training. How about using steps for steps ups, triceps dips, and Bulgarian split squats.

Cans Or Water Bottles:

Cans or water bottles can be a good replacement for dumbbells or kettlebells. I am sure there are tons of things around your house with different weights like water bottles, rice bags, or detergent bottles. They can be perfect weights for your strength training routine. Filling up water bottles with dirt or sand for heavier weights is a great option as well.


Are you wondering why I put a wall on the list? Because it’s an instrumental piece of equipment. You can use a wall for wall-sits, use it as a balance barre for barre exercises, modify your push-ups, and use a wall for handstands for upper body strength.


Towels are a good replacement for sliders. Doing ab tuck-ins, curtesy lunges, and band pull aparts with towels are super easy. Instead of using a resistance band for band pull-apart, you can use a towel. A towel is great for ab-roll outs too.


Pillows or cushions can replace the Pilates ball in Pilates and barre classes. Pillow can also be used to create an incline for crunches and chest presses.

With these easy improv tools, you can easily do workouts at home and follow your virtual fitness trainer without any special equipment. Your workouts will be convenient and inexpensive, just the way home workouts are supposed to be.

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